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Revised by vote August 25, 2009
  1. NAJ Economics is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization incorporated in California to facilitate academic and scientific communication among economists. 
  2. NAJ Economics is governed by the Editorial Board. The charter may be changed and members of the Editorial Board may be added or removed by a 2/3 majority of the members of the Board that choose to vote. Any editor may propose a motion to be voted on by the Board. A motion must be circulated by email, and no vote is final until two weeks from the time the email is sent, or 2/3rds of all of the editors have submitted positive votes. Motions must be circulated to all members of the Board at the email addresses listed at the NAJ website A motion to remove an editor may contain no other proposal than the removal of that single editor. Email votes must be returned to the editor making the motion. Once the vote is final the editor who made the motion may tally the results. If the motion is approved, for it to become effective, s/he must then circulate an email to the entire Board indicating which editors voted for or against, or did not vote. The original emails must be kept for inspection of any board member who wishes to see them. 
  3. NAJ Economics produces brief reviews of economic articles which are freely available on the Internet and have not appeared in print at the time the review is produced. Articles reviewed are supposed to have substantial scientific merit.These reviews and the pages on which they appear are copyrighted by NAJ Economics and published on the Internet. They may be freely reproduced provided that the substance is not changed. 
  4. Papers reviewed are numbered sequentially within volumes, and the length of each volume is chosen to comfortably fit on a single web page. 
  5. An Internet publication reviewed by NAJ Economics constitutes peer-reviewed publication, and may be cited as such in vitas and promotional reviews. NAJ Economics provides the peer review. The authors, by making their work freely available on the Internet, provide the publication. 
  6. NAJ Economics undertakes to maintain reviews in perpetuity. Links and cached copies will be maintained to the extent permitted by the law. 
  7. Links to reviewed articles and cached copies of the reviewed articles are provided for convenience to readers and for archival purposes. 
  8. Any editor may contribute a review of an article s/he finds meritorious. Reviews should generally be short on the order of 2-3 paragraphs. Reviews must be filed using the automated system at may not be anonymous. It is expected that an editor will file three reviews per year.  
  9. No editor may review a paper of which s/he is an author. 
  10. NAJ Economics is not a journal, does not accept submissions, and solicitations from authors for review are strongly frowned upon. 
  11. Editors shall serve terms of two years. Upon expiration of an editors term that editor is expected to nominate a replacement using the usual voting procedures. Editors may nominate themselves as replacements if they wish to serve additional terms. 
  12. There shall be a managing editor. The managing editor shall serve as CEO of the Corporation. The managing editor is responsible for maintaining the website and the FAQ as well as making authorized changes to the charter. The managing editor is a voting member of the editorial board and is expected to serve as executive for running the journal and interacting with the other editors. The managing editor is not expected to make postings, but is free to do so. The managing editor is not subject to term limit, but may be replaced under the usual voting procedures. The initial managing editor shall be David K. Levine . 
  13. Terms of current editors: to step down at the end of August 2009 nominating successors: Michele Boldrin, Ted Bergstsrom, V. V. Chari, Jose Scheinkman, Susan Athey, Matt Rabin, Ariel Rubinstein to step down at the end of August 2010 nominating successors: Tom Palfrey, Drew Fudenberg, Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Jeff Ely, Matt Jackson, Jon Levin, Ran Spiegler David Levine will also step down as editor not nominating a successor, but becoming managing editor.